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How to maximize your sales on Motion Array

When you design a video template, you’re not merely creating a single product!

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There are multiple ways to earn extra revenue on Motion Array, from user requests to Top 20 bonuses. Still, there’s a much easier way to maximize your revenue: Multi-category submission!

When you design a video template, you’re not merely creating a single product. You’re creating a versatile asset that can be used in many ways. Let’s explore the possibilities!

1. The most straightforward possibility:

Software Derivatives

If you create a template for a particular software, let’s say After Effects, why not just utilize it to work with other software? Not all users are familiar with After Effects. Some of them might prefer to work faster with simpler software such as Premiere Pro* or DaVinci Resolve.

Watch our tutorial on how to easily make a template derivative from your After Effects template.

* Please note that our requirements and standards for each category are different. This is due to the fact that each software’s capabilities and potential output are different. If it does not meet the requirements and standards of the designated software category, we won’t be able to accept it.

2. Render your designs into Motion Graphics!

Motion Graphics

See if your template has elements you can render as MOV files. Many users are looking for a fast and easy way to use Motion Array’s library and rendered motion graphics, especially those with an alpha channel, are in high demand.

You can render anything from graphic objects to animated letters and even social media stories! The Motion Graphics category is the domain of endless possibilities.

Check out the Motion Graphics Category for inspiration!

3. Got enough action with the above motion design elements? Try Graphics!


Simply render your designs into PNGs or, even better, try converting them into PSD files! With Photoshop templates, you can recreate your template in a simple, static way! You can submit social media stories, icons, backgrounds, slideshows, etc.

Like every Motion Array submission, make sure you follow each category’s upload rules.

Ready to get started in a new category? You can submit your application via this form.

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