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What are, and how do "Requests" work?
What are, and how do "Requests" work?
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On Motion Array, paid subscribers have the possibility to send their missing asset requests through the website. They can go straight to the “requests” page, or if they stumble upon an empty search results page, they’ll be directed there. In addition, Motion Array’s Content team uploads requests based on data of searches & downloads, to better enhance the catalog (see “Motion Array” in the request title to distinguish those from users' requests)

This is an excellent way for Motion Array as a marketplace to better know the user's needs, and also have the ability to supply the demand with the help of our artists.

How does it work?

You, as an artist, can check out the requests page and see which requests are pending. You can create products to fulfill these requests or submit a product you feel is suitable from your backlog if you already have one.

Why should artists participate in requests?

  1. We recommend artists check out the requests section often to better understand user's needs and what's missing in the catalog

  2. If you fulfill a request to the satisfaction of the user who requested it, you’ll most likely generate downloads from that user, and potentially from new users who will search for that missing piece - a great way to increase your downloads and users' satisfaction at the same time!

  3. Motion Array rewards up to 20 assets that were submitted through requests every month with $150 each! This means that once your submission is approved for the marketplace, you’re nominated to win a bonus. The winners will be chosen from both answering users' requests and Motion Array’s catalog requests (it will be mentioned in the title that the request is from Motion Array). You can be nominated to the reward in the following 3 months after the request was submitted, and no later than that. The choice of winners will be announced each month for the previous one, and the reward payment will be made in the coming payment or the following one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Requests:

I see a request is marked as “completed,” but there’s still time until the deadline - can I still submit an asset?

Absolutely yes! We accept submissions until the deadline that is mentioned in the requests, or as long as it's live on-site. However, please notice nomination for the bonus reward is until the deadline that is mentioned, or if not mentioned, 3 months after the request was submitted - the latest from the two options.

Will my asset be reviewed faster because it's through requests?

Generally, no - but! We do prioritize requests higher when it's time-sensitive topics, like holidays or upcoming events, or when a user is still waiting for his request to be fulfilled. However, we can’t promise how or when your request answer will be prioritized. We appreciate the patience and the hard work you put into this!

Can I submit more than one request fulfillment at the same time?

Yes! You can submit your answer to different categories as derivatives work, as long as it answers the request itself. However, every category has different standards, so, for example, if your asset was approved for After Effects Requests it doesn’t necessarily mean the same asset will be approved for Final Cut Pro.

You can also be nominated more than once for the reward at the same time!

Can I submit my own request?

As an artist who doesn’t have a paid account, you’re not able to submit your own request. However, you can also email us with suggestions for requests via and we promise we’ll dive into the data and see if it’s a request we’d wanna put up there.

I already have an asset that answers the request, can I re-upload it to that request?

Unfortunately, no. You can only submit new assets that were sent to the marketplace. Please refrain from sending us work that is already in the queue or on your profile.

If you need more help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us via

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