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Why Should I Join Motion Array?
Why Should I Join Motion Array?
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Motion Array is an all-in-one professional filmmakers platform. Together with our growing hand-picked artist community, we cater to a vast audience of video creators worldwide.

If you care about creating high-quality footage, photos, graphics, music, or video templates, you might want to stick around and read more about the benefits of applying to our artist community.

Earn money with your best creative work

You’ll have the chance to increase your income stream while doing what you love. Keep your creative control over what and how you create.

Get your work featured in videos worldwide

Get your work exposed to a fast-growing audience of over 8 million subscribers. Don’t be surprised if you see big companies or popular content creators using your assets!

Join a non-exclusive marketplace

Have complete control over what you sell and where. We don’t limit the financial potential of your assets.

Earn royalties on every download

With Motion Array’s unlimited downloads, you can maximize your profit and earn royalties every time your assets are downloaded. Read more about royalties here

Personal curation process

Our curation process is entirely personalized and performed by top professionals from the industry. our curation team will communicate with you to further improve your art and help you make the perfect asset.

What you can sell on Motion Array as an artist

Top-quality, trendy digital assets with high commercial demand, anything that can benefit our creative audience! We accept videos, images, motion graphics, music, SFX, video templates, and graphics.

Monitor your progress

With the input and insights on your artist dashboard, you can keep track of your assets’ performance. Learn about your most downloaded assets and get on board with what’s trending in the marketplace.

Requests and Rewards

Be involved in building our catalog and help fill in the gaps, create assets according to our user’s requests, and you might earn bonuses on top of your monthly revenue!

Ready to start selling and growing your creative portfolio? Apply to become an artist

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