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How to submit Graphics?
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Here's a short guide to help you create submissions in your Motion Array Graphics Profile. Kindly notice that the review process can take up to 2-3 weeks, and may include a request for fixes.

1. Steps to submit an asset

Submission Guide

To make a submission for the graphics category, please navigate to your submissions tab.

Then, choose the Graphics category from the dropdown menu and fill in the required metadata. Notice you can add between 1 and up to 3 themes & art styles. Once completed, click Save & Continue.

Next, you can drag and drop your preview and the assert zip file (“download package” - the package the users will download) and provide the rest of the metadata.

Please notice that the tag number can be 20 words at most. Make sure not to repeat words, and we suggest using 1 word per tag. For example, there’s no need to write both “sale” and “sales” - “sale” is enough. Also, notice that once you upload the preview file, our auto-preview generator will add a watermark for your preview asset.

In the next step, you’ll see the final submission in case you’d like to change anything.

Once the submission is completed, hit Submit for Review, and we will get back to you anytime soon!


What happens if I run out of submission slots?

Submission slots are our way to make sure the graphic submission queue is on track, and all artists get feedback fast. If you’re out of submission slots, you can still save assets and get them ready to be reviewed. They’ll be under a tag called “new”. Once you have a slot freed, you can just hit “submit for review”.

I have an error in my asset that was already sent. What can I do?

If the asset you sent us wasn’t assigned to a curator yet, you can simply click on the cogwheel > edit submission in order to change the metadata, or “delete package” or “delete preview” in order to remove the ones you’ve added and add new ones. Just make sure to hit “save” once you’re finished. In case you don’t have the edit option, please email us at with the slug number, which you can find in the “review submission” panel.

How do I edit an asset after it was sent for “needs work”

Needs work is our curators' way of assigning you back an asset for fixes. You can see the recommended fixes once you hover over the (!) near your asset name. You can simply edit the metadata, delete the package and replace it with a new one (zip file) or delete & replace the preview. Once done, hit the “Submit for review” so we can re-check your work.
If you have any questions regarding the review, please email us with the slug number and name of the curator if written.

Metadata guide:

Please carefully fill in the description, focusing on the technical and mechanical aspects of your submission.

Your description should include only the following info:

  • Number of graphic assets included in the package

  • In case the package contains assets that are not mentioned in the title nor seen in the preview, please add a short description detailing them.

  • Designated for digital or print

  • Color space

  • PPI / DPI

  • Format size and aspect ratios available

  • For graphic templates only: (1) Number of pages/screens (2) Number of text/media/logo placeholders included

  • Subcategory: Your asset type (Illustrations, Icons, Graphics Templates). Choose only 1.

  • Themes: Choose at least 1 and up to 3 themes from the dropdown list.

  • Art Style: Choose at least 1 and up to 3 art styles from the dropdown list.

  • Tags: Please include up to 20 relevant tag words.

  • Vertical/Horizontal/Square: Mark the versions you have in the zipped file. You may choose any or all options.

  • Usage Rights: Choose Editorial or Commercial use - see upload rules for more details.

  • Isolated Asset: Mark any freestanding illustration that does not extend to or past the edge of the canvas and may easily be detached from its background (transparent background) for placement on other media.

  • People: Mark only if you have people in your asset.

  • Free: Mark only if you want this asset to be available for users that are on a free trial. Note: Free assets do not get any royalties. (This is changeable at all times once on-site.)

  • Please ensure that files are optimized based on the Upload Rules

  • Empty fields will not be able to be submitted for review (except those marked optional). All fields must contain relevant information.

With any issues and questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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