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DaVinci Resolve: Important Submission Update
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In order to bring the smoothest experience to our users, we have a few important points to share with you.

We would appreciate your help in addressing one of our users' biggest challenges: installing fonts when using DaVinci Resolve Templates/Macros.

Users may encounter a “broken” template where segments appear black when opening DaVinci Resolve Templates/Macros without the necessary fonts installed on their computer.

Often, our users are not fully experienced with the software. Therefore, showing them how to install these fonts onto their computer is essential before opening any DaVinci Resolve Template/Macro.

We would like to request that you kindly include additional steps to assist them:

  1. Updating your video tutorials: At the start of the DaVinci Resolve Templates/Macros tutorial, please include a section on how to install the fonts used in your template. This should involve showing how to open the fonts folder, open the fonts document, navigate to the relevant websites, and then demonstrate how to download and install the required font. (If you use multiple font sites, please show an example of each).
    Example Video Tutorial

  2. Including an additional video in the "Help" folder: We would also appreciate it if you could include this video tutorial in the "Help" folder for easy reference.

    Thank you so much for your help with this.
    Link To Additional Video

Screenshots of the process:

Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns

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