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Exploring the 'Background' Subcategory: A Complete Guide
Exploring the 'Background' Subcategory: A Complete Guide
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When preparing your submission, it is important to tag and categorize your assets correctly.

Today, we'll be explaining how and when to use the subcategory 'Background.'

The background-clip usually appears behind the main subject or objects. It’s not intended to be the video's main focus and is often used as a secondary clip under the main subject.

Backgrounds can have copy space, bokeh, full-frame patterns (variety of themes), full-frame colorful textures, streaming backgrounds, or a podium to support any text or graphics to place over the clip. However, not every clip with copy space will be considered a background.

Examples of Backgrounds:

Full frame pattern

Streaming background - not intended for stand-alone

Questionable clips that are Backgrounds

Backgrounds will not be:

  • Clips with pattern shapes that are not full-frame

  • VJ loops

  • Stand-alone clips (i.e. landscapes).

  • Clips with a clear subject and themes that could fit better in a different subcategory.

Here are some questionable clips that may seem like they fit the background's definition, but they don’t. These clips are more suitable for different subcategories.

Here are more examples of questionable clips that are not Backgrounds:

  • Animals, Technology

  • 3D, Other

  • 3D, Other

  • People, Technology

  • Fashion

  • Health

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