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New Motion Graphics Subcategories: VJ Loops + Icons & Doodles
New Motion Graphics Subcategories: VJ Loops + Icons & Doodles
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Our Motion Graphics catalogue is getting new additions - VJ Loops and Icons & Doodles subcategories!

VJ looping clips are visual sequences with a short duration, perfect for visualization of audio beats in music videos, stage performance walls, LED screens and projection cards. VJing often takes place at events such as concerts, nightclubs and music festivals, and sometimes in combination with other performative arts.

These are clips with repetitive movement within the sequence that you can play the content multiple times with no visible jump cut.

VJ loops have many visual elements that fill the frame and constantly move with a rhythm or beat (not all looping clips are VJ Loops).

Not considered VJ Loops: Assets with slow movements and no beat:

Icons & Doodles

These are assets that have graphical elements that convey information, represent actions, or symbolize concepts through dynamic motion and animation.

They include icons, doodles, arrows, scribbles, and linear clips. Assets in this category can be in different styles with different themes (Letters, numbers, food, objects, technology, social media) and also can be both 2D and 3D.

These clips are informative and have a clear theme (not abstract). They can include an embedded transparent alpha channel or can be isolated objects/items on a solid black background or green screen.

Motion graphics icons and doodles serve various purposes, such as visual communication, user interface (UI) enhancements, storytelling, branding and identity, social media and marketing.

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