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New Footage Subcategories: Arts + Culture & Religion
New Footage Subcategories: Arts + Culture & Religion
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We are happy to share our plans to expand the subcategories of the Footage catalogue!


Art in every aspect.

The shots will include the creative process of different forms of art with relevant tools and materials, with a diversity of artists and artistic vibes.

The shots will also include teaching different forms of art:

  • Music - learning/teaching instruments, sheet music, musical instruments

  • Dancing+Theater performance, dance classes

  • Painting+Sculptures - Learning/teaching, art styles, tools, colours, paint, crafts

  • Tattoo Art - people getting tattoos done on their bodies

  • Cinema & Photography - professional cameras, DSLR, vintage cameras, film/photography studios

Culture & Religion

Different aspects of culture, religion and rituals (Not street culture).

These clips will include:

  • People praying (different religions)

  • Religious/cultural buildings (mosque, church, synagogue)

  • Religious/cultural elements (candles, cross, star of David, prayer beads)

  • Ethnic communities

  • Religious books (bible, Quran)

  • People with tattoos on their bodies (dominant of the frame)

  • Cultural celebrations (exempting large holidays that will go to that subcategory), rituals and foods

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