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Creating Global Swatches in Your Assets

Get your assets customized in the best way!

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If you're wondering how to upgrade your asset and make them as useful as possible to the users, you should add global swatches!

Global swatches are an easy way for the user to control colors in the assets and customize them to their needs.
Here's a short walkthrough video tutorial to get you started:

How to create Global Swatches?

  1. Make sure no object is selected.

  2. Open the Swatches Panel

  3. Click on the side menu (upper right corner in the swatches panel)

  4. Select 'Add Used Colors'

  1. Global Color Swatches will appear in Swatches Panel.

  2. Global color swatches have a small triangle tab at the bottom right corner, as opposed to a swatch with no tab, which would not affect the color globally.

  3. To change the global color swatch (this will affect every shape with this color in the artwork), double-click a color in the panel.

  4. The swatch options window will open, and you will see the color values.

  5. Change the color values until the desired color is selected.

  6. Click 'OK'.

  7. The new Color will appear in the swatches panel in place of the original color.

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