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How to remove the plugin watermark
How to remove the plugin watermark

Some steps to check if you see a watermark in your video

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A watermark will appear on your project if the plugins are not activated. It will look like the below image, showing the Motion Array logo.

First, in order for the plugins to activate, a stable network is required as the plugins need to be able to communicate with the remote activation servers.

Once you have checked you’re online, check if your plugins are activated. On windows, open File Explorer > Program Files > Motion Array Plugins and open the MotionArray.exe. You will see the below screen confirming your sign in status and account email.

On Mac, you will find the Motion Array Plugins app in your Applications folder. Open a Finder window and select Applications on the sidebar to get to it. Or, press Cmd + Shift + A on the desktop.

If you are signed in to an account with a paid subscription on the plugins, but still see a watermark on your software the next step is to check your editing software which may need its cache updating to confirm your account status.

The quickest way to do this is to open up your project and make a slight change to one of the plugin effect parameters. This should re-send the activation request and remove the watermark. Lastly, you can also try resetting the plugin cache on your software. For Premiere Pro and After Effects, this is done by pressing Shift-Alt (Windows) or Shift-Option (Mac OS) when the application is starting.

If you have tried all of the above and still see a watermark, just reach out to our support team for help via the chat widget below and we can help investigate further.

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