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How do I install and use the plugins?
How do I install and use the plugins?

A quick installation guide to get you started

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Installing the plugins is quick and easy! We have a great video which covers the process here, or some text instructions below.

Once downloaded from the site, unzip the folder and double click the installer package to begin.

You will be prompted with the Setup screen above. Please note that you need to quit all video editors before installing.

Follow the prompts and select Typical for the setup type. Then start the installation and get ready to activate your plugins.

You will then be prompted with the login page. In order to activate your plugins, simply sign in within your Motion Array login account information. If you use Facebook or Google single sign on, you can use these methods to log in here too!

That’s it! Once signed in your plugins will be available to use in your editing software of choice.

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