Where are the plugins?

Where to find your new Motion Array effects

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Once you have successfully installed the plugins, they will be ready to use in your editing software as soon as you open it!

For all programs, you will find the plugins in the Effects Panel. They will usually be categorized with the pack name (e.g. MA - Color Grading). As each editing software is different, these may be in slightly different places.

For example, here’s how they look in Premiere Pro’s Effects panel under Video Effects:

Here they are in Final Cut Pro:

And here's where to find them in Davinci Resolve!

If you are unable to see the Plugin Effects, first check that your account is correctly signed in to the plugins application. You are also required to have an active Motion Array subscription in order to use the plugins.

To find the application. On windows, open File Explorer > Program Files > Motion Array Plugins and open the MotionArray.exe. You will see the below screen confirming your sign in status and account email.

On Mac, you will find the Motion Array Plugins app in your Applications folder. Open a Finder window and select Applications on the sidebar to get to it. Or, press Cmd + Shift + A on the desktop.

If you are looking for our legacy plugins after installing them, check out this guide!

Finally, if you have an issue with your plugins, or need some help, reach out to our support from the chat widget on your screen!

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