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Qiwi - a new way to pay artists' royalties
Qiwi - a new way to pay artists' royalties

We've added a new payment method to go alongside PayPal and Payoneer

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We’re thrilled to let you know that Motion Array has officially partnered with QIWI as a new payout method!

The first payouts will be executed in the next payment cycle on May 15th, 2023. The QIWI connection option will appear in your artists' dashboard anytime soon!


  • Up to ₽15 000 per transaction

  • Payments of up to ₽40 000 per month


  • Maximum amount per transaction: up to ₽60 000

  • Maximum permitted balance: up to ₽60 000

  • Payments and transfers: up to ₽200 000 per month

  • Cash withdrawal from QIWI card: up to ₽5 000 per day and up to ₽40 000 per month


  • Up to ₽ 500 000 per transaction

  • Payments and transfers up to ₽4 000 000 per month

  • Cash withdrawal from QIWI cards:

  • Up to 100,000 ₽ per day

  • Up to 200,000 ₽ per month

You can learn more about the statuses and identification methods here.

We urge you to obtain the Professional identification statuses based on your monthly operation volume to ensure the transfers are handled smoothly.

Payments are made in USD with currency conversion to RUB based on QIWI’s conversion rate, with a fee of 1%.

Assuming your account balance will allow it, we will pay the total accumulated earnings in the next payment cycle.

We appreciate your patience and would be happy to answer any questions! Feel free to reach out via

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