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Figma Upload Rules

Figma assets upload rules:

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Motion Array accepts submissions of Figma and Sketch UX/UI kits.

File Structure:

  1. The ZIP must include at least one Figma file (.fig). Additional Sketch files (.sketch) are a bonus for the user and are encouraged to be added to the package as well.

  2. Your file must include a help folder with a .txt doc that includes links to the used fonts, media placeholder links, and written/visual documentation to help the users understand the layout and design.

  3. For web template layouts, the width of the frame should be set to the industry standard of 1440 px wide and any other size in addition. For Mobile layout, select the preset of your choice.

  4. In the event that a third-party plugin is used to create the template, only free-for-use plugins are allowed. Instructions on how to install the plugin should be provided within the help file.

  5. Use the pages function to separate different screens and frames for responsive design, portrait/landscape screens, etc.

  6. The entire design must be stored in a single file.

  7. All Texts must be editable. All used fonts must be free for commercial use.

  8. All used media placeholders must be licensed for commercial use.

  9. Create assets (i.e., buttons, cards, etc.) within the project that are reusable components for easy customization.

  10. Use Text Styles for headlines and any other repeating text boxes.

  11. The used color palette should be available as ‘local styles’ for easy customization.

  12. All basic shapes must remain editable and customizable.

  13. Frames, pages, and symbols must be clearly and logically labeled. Any related items should be grouped together (i.e., buttons) and named.

  14. Create a dedicated asset page so users can easily edit the assets used throughout the Figma file in a centralized place.


  1. Titles: Name the asset using the theme/style of the asset + UX / UI Kit. Example: ‘Colorful Banking App UX kit.’

  2. Description: Use a short descriptive sentence explaining how your asset can be used. Add technical Details in the form of bullet points that state: The number of screens, number of aspect ratios, number of media placeholders, and color space.

  3. Subcategory: UX/UI kits will be categorized under ‘Graphic Templates’.

  4. Themes: All UX/UI kits should be under the ‘Web & Apps’ theme and any other related themes available under the theme list.

  5. Tags: Make sure the words: ux, ui, design, product, prototyping, wireframes, app, mobile, web, layout, page, desktop, component, workflow, system, kit, brand, interface, interaction, user, icons, landing page, responsive, dashboard are always tagged.

  6. Preview: Your preview should be a JPG file, 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels, showcasing between 3-9 screens available in the package. No photographic backgrounds (i.e., mockups) or additional text will be accepted in previews other than what appears within the package. Previews should not contain any 4K, HD, rival site, software, or third-party logos or icons. Lay the design on a solid contrasting background in order to make your design stand out.

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