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Final Cut Pro: Titles and Generators
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“Titles” is one of the biggest template sections. It can potentially include almost all templates where the dominant and most customizable element is text, it is heavily themed around text animation, letter animation, or it features a title sequence.

For users’ convenience, Final Cut Pro provides four categories to organize different kinds of assets: Effects, Transitions, Titles, Generators. Each of these categories contains correspondent files format.

"Effects" (just drag and drop over footage)

"Transitions" (dragged between two footages).

"Titles" (text animations used as an overlay, for example, lower thirds, full-screen titles)

"Generators" (a stand alone scene that can contain text, media, and logo placeholders)

To keep our users’ assets well organized and predictable we encourage authors to follow this tutorial on choosing the proper format to export templates.

First of all, we ask you to save all text-free templates (excluding Effects and Transitions) as Generators. It can be Backgrounds, Graphic Elements, Overlays, Icons, Tools, etc.

Even if both Generators and Titles (in Final Cut Pro terms) can be text-based; in most cases, we consider Generators as a continuous stand-alone full-screen scene, while Titles are usually text-based overlay scene with transparent background with the purpose of adding information and potentially included additional elements such as media, logos, and other graphics.

All (but not only) “Titles” templates should have Built In\Build Out animation with corresponding markers on the template's timeline in Motion so users will be able to expand the element over Final Cut Pro timeline without animation corruptions.

If you think that your project doesn’t need this feature or it can cause playback issues please consider converting it to “Generators”.

This Diagram may be helpful to determine what format your project should belong to:

Here are some examples:


Border Line:

(Templates that potentially can be exported both as Generators and Titles)


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