How to create the best Audio submission

This article will help you prepare your Motion Array audio submission and understand how to add all relevant data correctly

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We're doing our best to make sure each submission's data is as accurate as possible, in order to give our users the best experience. Each field is related to the capabilities of our users to filter and/or search for what they're looking for, and receive the most relevant results.

From an artist point of view, the data allows your asset to be shown when it is most relevant, which increases the chances of it being used.

In this article, we will go over all the important guidelines for each part of the submission flow:


  • We do not accept generic titles in our library. Avoid using terms such as:
    Cinematic Orchestra, Corporate Presentation, Action Trailer etc.

  • Avoid using adjectives or descriptive words such as beautiful, cheerful, inspiring, motivate etc.

  • Provide a unique and artistic title (as if it would appear on an album).

  • Notice that reviewers have the right to request a new title if the one chosen is too frequently used or is generic.

  • Titles become the URL - make sure you choose a proper title, as we won't be able to change it after its approved to avoid broken links.

  • Every word should be capitalized in the titles


  • Export all tracks with the following naming convention

  • Do not use spaces or characters such as ( ‘ , . ! @ ) etc. or non-English characters (such as Cyrillic letters)

  • Do not use the same wording for all the tracks you submit in a particular batch.


  • Provide a concise, but detailed description highlighting the mood/style, key instruments used, and major commercial uses for the track.

  • Try to limit to three elements/words for each of the above items.

  • Indicate what versions are included in your package to the customer.

  • Do not use the same description for all the tracks you submit in a particular batch.

  • We do not accept keyword-stuffed descriptions.


  • Tags should be unique and searchable for your track.

  • You do not need to include extraneous or obvious information (i.e., the word ‘music’ following everything – ‘soft music’, ‘rock music’)

  • Try to keep your tags to single word items.


  • When choosing the subcategory for your submission, select the ones that best describes your tracks. As you're limited to up to 3 subcategories, our curation team will add additional subcategories if needed, so don't worry about that!

  • In case the asset is instrumental, please make sure to include it when choosing a subcategory. This should be relevant to the majority of your submissions, unless it’s an Acapella or only vocals track.

  • In case there’s an instrumental and vocal versions - please include both as sub categories.

Technical & File Types

  • All submissions should be in a .zip folder (both single and multi-file downloads).

  • We don’t accept direct .wav file uploads - you must package your file within a .zip folder.

  • All audio files should be present as .wav files.


  • All audio files should be 24-bit files.

  • All audio files should be at 48khz sample rate (exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis).

Bit & Sample rate

  • All audio submissions should be at 24-bit and 48khz sample rate.

Fade out

  • We want our customers to have ultimate control over the music - especially volume.
    Please make sure you provide a version without any excessive fades.


  • be sure no subsequent clipping occurs throughout your tracks.


  • Please aim for -0.3 to -1db true peaks.


  • Make sure your tracks are balanced and aren’t too quiet or loud.
    Safest loudness level is -14 LUFS.

We welcome you to check out these tools & sites recommended by our team, that can help you create the best deliverable files:

YouLean - Measuring tool

Izotope - Audio restoration, mixing & mastering

Waves - Mixing, mastering & production tools

Soundtoys - Audio plugins & effects


Komplete bundle or Kontakt - One stop shop for instruments & effects

PianoBook - Free community created samples

Spitfire Labs - Free instrumentals

Project Sam - Free Orchestra

DRM & PRO - Digital Rights Management:

  • We accept tracks that are registered under rights management systems, such as AdRev, HAAWK, CD Baby, Epic Elite and Identifyy.

  • If you submit tracks registered to a rights management system, you must specify this at upload. If you've registered the track after its submission - you must inform the Motion Array team as soon as possible in order to edit the assets.

  • Contributors using rights management to protect their works agree to help ensure that legitimate uses from Motion Array members are cleared from copyright claims.

  • If your track is registered with a different name than what it will appear on Motion Array - you must include this in a note in the download package.

Performance Rights Organization:

  • We accept tracks that are registered with performance rights organizations.

  • Any track submitted with P.R.O. association must include the following information:

    • The name of the P.R.O. - must be one in our system

    • The name of the Composer (please include your IPI/CAE number).

    • If the track is a public domain arrangement, please write ‘Public Domain’ or ‘Traditional’.

    • The name of the Publisher (please include the IPI/CAE number). If you do not have a publisher, please include your Composer information here again. Do not write ‘self-published’ ‘none’ ‘no’ etc.

    • The name of the Arranger - Only use this field if the track is an arrangement of an existing work (only public domain arrangements are allowed on Motion Array). Here you would include your name and IPI/CAE number.

    • The name of the track as it was registered with the P.R.O. - this can be different from the track/product name on Motion Array.

  • Motion Array is not responsible for submitting, monitoring, or collecting royalties for any track registered with a P.R.O.

Your submission package & preview:


  • Preview tracks must be in .mp3 format and include all variations and/or edits that are included in the product package

  • Make sure your preview file volume is exactly the same as the main items of your package.

  • Please place your versions with 1-3 seconds of silence between them in the preview file.

  • The preview track should be uploaded at the time of submission to the preview window, it should not be included in the product package the customer receives.

  • Preview tracks must include the audio watermark.


  • Lyrics are required to be listed in a .pdf or .txt format with copyright and origin details included.

  • These should be included in the product package.

  • Translations of non-English lyrics should be included.

  • No other files should be included in the download package (i.e., images, pdfs, cue sheets, etc.).


  • Different versions are acceptable in your product package and should have a name that indicates to the customer what it is. Some suggestions:

    Main: Main version of the track (default)
    Instrumental: no vocals
    Instrument (Piano, Guitar, etc.) Only:
    Short: shorten version of the default track
    Bumper: short version for transitions
    Stinger: ending version
    30’s: 30 second version
    15’s: 15 second version

    There are many different ways to name your versions than what is listed above, but the important thing is clarity to the customer.

We hope this gives you enough information to create the best submission to our catalog. If you have any questions, please email us at

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