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Derivatives: All About Video Templates Derivatives
Derivatives: All About Video Templates Derivatives

This article will explain what are derivatives, when they're accepted and when not

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What exactly are derivatives?
Derivatives are new, unique assets that are based on existing assets, but give a different offering.

Let’s discuss when it is appropriate to create and upload a derivative and when it’s not.

Let’s start with accepted derivatives.

  1. Software versions
    When you have an existing template for specific software, you may recreate the template in another software and upload it as a new submission. For example, an Adobe After Effects template that was recreated in Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve or Final Cut pro, and has the same contents and offering, is considered a good and much-welcomed derivative. However please be aware that our requirements and standards for each category are different. This is due to the fact that each software's capabilities and potential output are different. If it does not meet the requirements and standards of the designated software category, we won't be able to accept it.

When are derivatives rejected, then?

  1. Split packs and duplicates
    You can not submit the same template again but split up into much smaller parts, for the sole reason that the template already exists in our catalog. For example - if you have a transitions package that contains 30 transitioning effects, you may not split this into 5 smaller packages. We will consider these to be duplicates which are not allowed. If you want to split the package to replace the one you already have approved in our catalog, you can reach out to us via e-mail at and we will check the option to do so.

  2. Small adjustments to templates
    You can not submit the same template in different colors or different fonts. Rather, it’s better to add color controllers to your original template and to give full control and customization to the user.

  3. Multiple Aspect ratios
    You can not submit the same template in multiple aspect ratios. All aspect ratios should be included in one package. You can not submit the same template in 1920x1080 and then again in 1080x1080,1350x1080 and 1080x1920. In this instance you will be asked to combine your template into one submission.

  4. Most Applicable format
    You can not submit the same submission to both presets and templates. For example a LUTS package can not be submitted as a preset and then recreated as a template. For the sole reason that the effects already exists in our catalog. We would prefer that you submit your presets/template in the format that is most applicable for our users.

  5. Different branding
    When you have a template that is branded in a certain way, you can’t use the same project and brand it differently when it has the same animation, same design and works the same way. For example - if you have a sports opener, just changing the placeholder media, colors and text in the preview and calling it ‘Action opener’ will not be enough to qualify as a new submission.

To sum it up, we encourage you to be creative and give it your best in each template so that it will fit as many users’ needs as possible.

If you have any question regarding derivatives, feel free to contact us at

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