Font Guidelines for Video Templates
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Some video templates present the use of texts or titles, whether it’s an opener, a logo-reveal, or lower thirds. All of these templates require the use of fonts, which brings us to the topic of this article - Motion Array’s guidelines for using fonts.

On Motion Array, fonts must be 100% free for personal and commercial use in both the preview and the project file. We recommend using fonts from one of our accepted sites: Adobe fonts, Google font, Dafont, Fonts squirrel.

Please note that users shouldn't need to sign up for a service or website in order to download a font.

How should you treat fonts in your project?

  1. Never include a font file with your project. Always send a direct link to the font in a dedicated text file that the user can easily access and download.

  2. Make sure that the font is 100% free for personal and commercial use.

  3. The fonts document should contain only fonts used in the project. Please delete any unused links.

How to find a free-to-use font to replace your paid font? Try these cool services!

  1. - Allows you to type the font name or style, and it will suggest free alternatives

  2. - Allows you to load an image with text, and it will recognize the font and suggest to you some free alternatives.

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