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Model & Property Releases

In this article, we will explain what model and property releases are, and when they are needed

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Model Release

A model release is a signed document confirming that the person seen in the asset gives consent to use their appearance and likeness for commercial use.
Assets submitted for commercial use featuring an identifiable person must be accompanied by a valid Adult or Minor model release*.
(*)Submissions depicting a minor must be accompanied by a model release signed by that minor's parent or legal guardian.

Property Release

A property release is a signed document confirming that the property within the asset is approved by the owner for commercial use.
Assets featuring private or recognizable places, and protected objects which require property release, must be submitted with a property release signed by the owner if they are to be used commercially.

For Graphic works, assets based on existing creations such as photos, sculptures, paintings etc. that are submitted for commercial use, must include a property release from the owner of the original creation, and contain a photo of the creation on which the graphic work is based.

Model & property releases may be needed on additional occasions.

We kindly ask you to investigate whether or not your work requires a release before your submission is sent to Motion Array.

Please notice that If there is no model release for the content, it may be submitted for Editorial use only.

How do I add a model or property release to my submission?

  1. Model release forms should be uploaded separately during the video submission process, and not in the download package.

  2. Model Release file names should be named with only western characters and no spaces, for example, ModelAlexander0010. Releases can't have hyphens, underscores, dashes, spaces, or special characters such as &, å, ñ, é, ß, ®, ©, §, ç, ä, ø, ü, quote marks (“ ” or ‘ ’), or commas (,) - as we won’t be able to open them and will need to send you the asset back to fix.

  3. 3. You don’t need to re-upload the same file again and again. After you’ve uploaded the model release once, it’ll be kept in the system and you can use it again via the dropdown menu.

Here are links to model & property releases you’re welcome to use:

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