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Migration of hyperrealistic SMG to Footage
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From August 1st, 2022, all hyperrealistic motion graphic assets (Stock Motion Graphics) will be accepted only in the Footage catalog (Stock Video) under the new Animation sub-category (you will still be able to choose up to 3 sub categories).

Please make sure to submit your hyperrealistic full frame single layer animation clips to the Footage catalog.

The reason we’re doing this is to support our user’s ability to search and find relevant assets for their needs. When we analyzed users’ behavior in the Motion Graphics category compared to the Footage one, we could strongly tell that hyperrealistic Motion Graphics can better fit users' needs if they’re placed in the footage category.

Previously submitted assets will not be moved for the time being. If you’d like to change your older submissions from SMG to Footage, you can contact us.

Examples for assets that will be considered Footage and not SMG in the future:

[video-to-gif output image]
[video-to-gif output image]

Examples for assets that can not be mistaken as realistic:

[video-to-gif output image]
[video-to-gif output image]

Examples for assets that have fantastic or unnatural elements and will be kept in SMG:

[video-to-gif output image]
[video-to-gif output image]

** Please notice that you can not submit footage in Zip files, and packs will be accepted only as individual submissions.

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