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New music sub-categories: vocals & instrumental
New music sub-categories: vocals & instrumental
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We have just launched two new subcategories to improve our users' experience!

  • Vocals: anything predominately featuring a vocalist (pop, rock, opera, doesn't matter) - note that just having background vocals does not warrant this filter. Keep it clear that this is the focus of the track.

  • Instrumental: Anything featuring instruments only.

    ** If your track has both an instrumental and a vocal version included, you can select both.

When choosing the subcategory left for your submission, select the one that best describes your tracks - our curation team will add additional subcategories during the review if needed, so don't worry about that!

We are working on adding Vocals/Instrumental to your already approved tracks, so there's no need to request to send back older tracks for the change.

We hope this will help our users filter their results better and find what they need faster and more accurately. The update will go live soon for our users as well.

Questions? Reach out to us at

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