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What if I get a Copyright Claim From YouTube?
What if I get a Copyright Claim From YouTube?

Please read through this short article before submitting a dispute.

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IMPORTANT: Please see below before disputing or appealing a copyright claim.

YouTube uses a tool called Content ID to let music creators protect their tracks from piracy and misuse. They also partner with other services like AdRev, HAAWK, Identifyy, and others to track usage and monetization of tracks registered with these services.

These systems are useful for combatting piracy, but they are not perfect, and sometimes mistakes are made with regards to claims.

If you receive a claim from YouTube regarding a music track that you properly licensed from Motion Array, you should have no problem getting the claim removed.

IMPORTANT: If you have already disputed a copyright claim by following the steps below, and received a rejection for the dispute you issued, please contact support. It's important that each step below is followed exactly when disputing a copyright claim. Missing any of the steps may inhibit the dispute or appeal process.

1. Simply visit the copyright claims page in your YouTube account to dispute the claim.

2. When submitting your dispute, select the option that you have a license for the track, and include both of the following in your dispute:

3. The following subscriber statement (pick the correct one depending on your plan):

Paid Accounts: “I am paying member of and I have the rights to use this track on my YouTube video”

Free Accounts: "This track is free for royalty free use on Motion Array, and I have a free account"

4. A copy and paste of the text from the asset license .pdf you can download from your "My Downloads" page. (learn how to download an asset license here. Please note that YouTube does not allow attachments, so you will need to copy and paste the text from .pdf asset license file)

IMPORTANT: You must submit both the subscriber statement and a copy and paste of the license as mentioned in the text above.

This should be enough to get the claim cleared, and most claims are resolved in 24-72 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to find the tracks that you used in your downloads page due to a different author or title name from the copyright claim (sometimes this happens), if you still have access to the original assets that you downloaded, you will find that each asset has a unique asset number and can be helpful if you ever need to find this asset again including the page on our site:


If you have any questions about your claim, please contact customer support

You have the right to use your music on YouTube, and we are here to make sure your claims are lifted!

The video below shows the steps to disputing a copyright claim, but please note that you'll also need to include a copy of the downloaded asset license for the track that you received the claim for, as mentioned in step 4 above.

For Clients or Creators with Clients: If you produce content for your client, and your client receives a copyright claim for the video you created using Motion Array, your client can follow the steps in this article to submit a dispute on your behalf - you (the Motion Array subscriber) will need to provide your client with the asset license in this case, and your client can dispute the claim on your behalf as they are the end-user to your derivative work.

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