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Dive into Motion Array's Artist Dashboard
Dive into Motion Array's Artist Dashboard
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We're excited to share with you Motion Array's Artist Dashboard!

In this article, we'll go over how to read into the dashboard and answer FAQs.

The dashboard is split into 5 sections:

  1. My monthly progress - which is being updated every few minutes

  2. Overview - data from all times, since you've joined Motion Array

  3. Last Month - data that is being generated once a month - for the past month, and breakdown for each month in the past year

  4. Marketplace trends

  5. Stay up to date - messages from the Motion Array team

(1) My progress this month:

Under this section, you can see data that is being updated on a regular basis -

  • Estimated earnings, which is based on the number of downloads and level of royalty you're set on now. Notice, this is only an estimation - an accurate number will be provided on the monthly statement.

  • The traffic of your assets on the site - when was the last time a customer downloaded one of your assets

  • Progress on the level bar - the number of downloads you currently have in each category you have assets in, and the royalty level you're at. You can also hover around and see how many downloads are needed for each level in that category.

The diamond symbol marks where you currently stand in the levels, and hovering on one of the dots shows the level and its information.

(2) Overview

Under this section, you will see an overview of your data since you've joined Motion Array. These stats will change once a month with the previous month's data.

Kindly notice the accumulated earnings show the number before withholding taxes if applicable, and accurate numbers can be seen on your monthly statements.

(3) Last Month

Here you will be able to see stats on the previous months -

this includes the estimated earnings until we finish our backend calculation, which will then change to total earnings. Kindly notice that the accurate numbers are presented under your statements.

If you've won a reward (through the request reward) or one of your assets was in the top 20 of its category - you will see these small icons on your last month's earnings section.

You can also see the number of downloads you had in that month and the number of new assets that went live.

Below, you'll be able to see a split of downloads in the categories you sell. You'll also be able to see the split of downloads in the whole marketplace, which can give you an understanding of our user's behavior.

Another cool feature we've added is a view of your top downloads - you can hop around your monthly stats and see what were your top assets. You're also able to view the most profitable assets you've had (mainly relevant to artists that work in more than one category), and assets that we saw trending in that month. Keep in mind that if you have only assets from one category, the profitable & top downloads lists will be the same. The difference will occur if you sell in more than one asset type, which means the value per download is not the same between the categories (and between each month also).

(4) Marketplace insights

We're sharing our top searched keywords of the week every Thursday. These are top keywords for the whole marketplace, and though they may not be relevant to all categories - we find that our users download templates in a certain topic, afterward search for music that fits visual elements, etc. Therefore, we strongly advise you to take a look. Of course, this does not mean that other topics are not trending or relevant as well - so this is just a suggestion and you should always strive to add diverse content that fits different searches.

We also have here an indication of the number of active requests in the queue - this is a great way to learn what is trending or what is missing in the catalog. Also, we choose up to 20 artists that fulfill requests in the best way and reward them with $150 each month!

(5) Stay-up-to-date

The last section is our way to notify you of small changes, requests, or announcements - here we will share quick notes for our artists, that we want to inform you quickly about. We also send out a newsletter every month with more in-depth content.

โ€‹Lifetime download tracker per asset

You can also check out your lifetime download numbers in order to see how many downloads your assets has made since they were uploaded to the site!
Head over to my submissions and sort "downloads" to view.

Do you have any questions about the new dashboard? We'd be happy to help - email us at

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