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Navigating the Team Plan dashboard
Navigating the Team Plan dashboard

The ins and outs of Team Plan management

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If you aren't familiar with Motion Array Team plans, but are interested in learning more, start with this article - "How do Team plans work?"

Below are some simple instructions on getting around the Team Plan Dashboard, especially if you're lost or checking it out for the first time.

Once a Team account has been set up, as an admin, you will have access to the Team Pan Dashboard. Let's take a quick look at some of the things you can do with the Team dashboard.

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Locating the Team dashboard

First, login to your Team Plan admin Motion Array account. Once logged in, you'll need to navigate to My Account after clicking on the profile symbol in the upper-right hand corner of the page.

You should now be on the My Profile page. Simply navigate to the Manage Members option from the left-hand side navigation.

Team Dashboard Summary

The Team dashboard includes 3 tabs for managing members. These include MEMBERS, ADMINS, and PENDING.

Any team member who has accepted an invite and has an active account will show in the Members tab. Any member who has been given admin access will show in the Admin tab, as well as the Members tab. And, any member who has been invited, but not yet accepted the invite will show in the Pending tab.

Additionally, there is a search box to quickly locate members on large teams.

Controlling Member Access

Pending Members

From the PENDING tab, you can remove an invited member, resend an invite, or give a pending member admin access.

From the MEMBERS tab, you can remove a member or give a member admin access.

From the ADMINS tab, you can remove a member or remove a member's admin access.

Adding members

Along with controlling member access, you can also add new members to your team from the Team dashboard.

To do this, start by clicking the ADD MEMBERS button from any of the tabs.

New members can be added to your team at a prorated price, based on the number of days left in your current annual billing cycle.

If you have removed members from your team, they become empty seats for your team, and those empty seats will be filled first before any additional charges are incurred.

Removing members

Those are the basic features of our Team dashboard, designed to make it easier for you to manage multiple members at Motion Array.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team from the chat bubble on our site, or from here. Thank you for choosing Motion Array!

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