How do Team plans work?

An overview of the Motion Array Team plans

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So, you're interested in Team plans? Let's explain how they work.

Motion Array is a subscription service that offers a single-user unlimited plan. We also have a Free plan that lets you try out some features before signing up for a paid account.

While single-user plans offer a lot of flexibility for each individual, there are many times when a Team plan is more useful for a group of members.

Here are some of the key features that might make a Team plan right for your group.

Team Accounts include...
...simple payment for all members on one invoice and one payment form.

...the option for a paid or free admin account.

...a Team dashboard where admins can add and remove team members, send team member invites, and download team invoices.

...a 10% discounted rate for all paid members on an annual basis.

...options to add extra members at a pro-rated price during the annual billing cycle.

In order to make Team plans the most useful and easy to navigate, there are a few requirements for all Team plans.

Team plan requirements include... least 2 paid members. The admin can have a Free account (with limited features), but there must be at least 2 paid members to complete a team.

...annual account signup for all members. Team plans can not currently be set up on a Monthly basis. card payments. Team plans can not currently be paid via PayPal.

In order to sign up for a Team plan, simply visit our Pricing page, and click the "TEAM PLANS" tab.

Or, if you already have an account and you are signed in, visit the Account section and click the "+Create a team" button.

Once you start the process of creating a team, you have the option to set up the admin account as a paid team member with all of the site features and the ability to download premium assets, or as a free team member that controls all team members, but has limited site features and no downloads of premium assets.

Next, you will add in all of your team member email addresses. Emails can be entered individually, separated by commas, or they can be pasted from a CSV document.

Once you have all of the team member emails added, you'll have the opportunity to review and pay. Remember, all included team members will be charged for an annual account during this process. Accounts are not eligible for refunds, regardless of if they are used, so make sure to sign up for the number of members you plan to use. Additional members can be added later.

After your payment is received, all of the team members will receive invites to join the team.

Team Dashboard:
As a team admin, there are several things that you can do to manage your team members. Visit the Manage Members tab while logged in as an admin to make changes to your team members.

From the Manage Members page, an admin can see all invited members under the Pending tab. They can resend an invite, make a member an admin, or remove the member from the team.

Once a member has accepted an invite, they will show up under the Members tab. They can be granted admin access or removed from the team from this tab as well.

And, if a member has been granted admin access, they will also show under the Admin tab. From here, they can be removed from admin access or removed from the team.

Empty Seats:
Refunds can not be issued for team members that have been removed before the end of the billing cycle. However, when a team member is removed, an "Empty Seat" will be opened up in the account. When there are empty seats available, an admin can invite a new member to fill that seat at no additional cost for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Adding Members:
An admin can add additional members to an existing team at any time after the initial sign up. Any new members added will first occupy available empty seats.

If there are no available empty seats, or if the number of new members if greater than the number of empty seats, each additional member will be charged at a prorated amount for the remainder of the billing cycle. New charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

For example, if a new member is added exactly half way through the annual billing cycle, they will be charged at a price of half of the annual amount. This allows for all current members to be billed together again at the end of the billing cycle.

If you have any additional questions about Team accounts before signing up, please contact support for help.

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