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Why Is My Account On Hold?
Why Is My Account On Hold?

You have received a message that says "your account is on hold, please contact support".

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Hey there,

When you see this message: "your account is on hold, please contact support" it means one of two things:

1. Rapid Downloads

Our system detected rapid downloads from your account and it thinks you are using some automation or something similar. Please allow a few minutes between each download to avoid this.

You can only use your downloaded files while you are a paying member. If you cancel, you legally no longer have the rights to use the products in new projects.

Also, please know that stockpiling products for future use is a violation of our terms of service.

2. Grant of License

" d. Any download or other use of any Motion Array Product shall be solely for specific and immediate use of such product by Licensee; warehousing, aggregation, and any other downloading for contingent future use is strictly prohibited."

Please confirm your understanding of our Terms above and that you shall not do batch downloading moving forward.

2. Sharing your login and password to your account.

All Motion Array accounts are single user only unless you are on a team plan. You will receive an error message if it appears that more that one person is using the same account information. Please note that our terms of service require one subscription per user.

You may be asked to confirm your understanding of our terms of service before your account is enabled again.

Thank you for your understanding,

The MA Team.

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