Did My Downgrade Work?

You have chosen to downgrade to a free plan, but your account still says that your subscription is active.

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Hey There!

First, from everyone here at Motion Array, we are sorry to see you go, but we want to make sure you leave with peace of mind that you will not be charged again. πŸ‘

When you select the "downgrade to Free" option from the "Manage Subscription" menu, and follow all of the steps to downgrade to Free, it begins a process to downgrade your paid account.

Since you have already paid for your membership, you won't downgrade to free until the payment period has ended. Until that time, you will have unlimited access to our library of assets and excellent products.

You can confirm this on your "Manage Subscription" screen. Once you select the free plan, this message will appear, notifying you of when your account will be set to free:

We hope this has helped.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team from the chat bubble on our site, or write to us from here. Thank you for choosing Motion Array!

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