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Error Compiling Movie

How do I fix the "error compiling movie" error while exporting.

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When you see an error like this: 

In Premiere Pro, After Effects, or Adobe Media Encoder, it can be incredibly frustrating. The error code doesn't match anything in Adobe's support documents, and you have a deadline that can't be moved. 

What is happening? The simplest explanation is something in the render is causing the render to stall just long enough at a low level to cause the rendering to fail. There are many different reasons this could happen, so here are our best troubleshooting tips:

  1. If you're using Adobe Media Encoder [AME] to render, switch to After Effects or Premiere Pro.

  2. Switch to "Software Only Mode". In After Effects and Premiere Pro, you can find this setting in file->project settings. In AME, its a dropdown menu here:

3. Export to a different format. Generally this issue occurs when exporting to .mp4, so try a QuickTime (.mov) format.

4. Purge the cache files. In Premiere Pro, you can find that here:

In After Effects, it is here:

And here:

5. Clear the preferences: Launch Premiere Pro or After Effects while holding alt(option) + shift

6. Remove certain file types: .mp4 files and .mp3 files require a lot of processing power to unpack while rendering. If possible, swap these out for QuickTime (.mov) or wave (.wav) files.

7. Check your graphics drivers: On Mac, you can just check for normal software updates, for windows you may have to download a 3rd party tool like the Nvidia Geforce experience.

8. Check for effects: There may be an effect in your project that is causing this. Try exporting with each effect turned off separately, to try and find the problem effect.

If you need more help, please contact support.

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