What Is A Motion Graphics Template?

What is a motion graphics template, how is it different from stock motion graphics, and why should I use one?

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If you've been browsing our site, you've probably seen this category in our marketplace:

And you have probably thought to yourself "what is a Motion Graphics template,"  "what the heck is a MOGRT," and "how is this different from stock motion graphics?" Allow us to answer these burning questions for you!

What is a "Motion Graphics Template" and why is it called a MOGRT?

A "motion graphics template" is a type of template for Adobe Premiere Pro that brings the power and creativity of After Effects into your Premiere Pro projects easily. The file extension is .mogrt, which is an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Template! We have a helpful article outlining how to use them here but to keep this brief, you import them into Premiere Pro through the "Essential Graphics Panel" using this button:

So what is a motion graphics template (MOGRT) good for?

  1. Repeated Titles: When you need cool animated lower thirds, but you want to use the same design with many different names. You have to re-import Premiere Pro projects to do this, but with MOGRTs, you don't have to! Just drag it onto your timeline and edit it, as many times as you'd like.

  2. Adding Animated Elements: We have lots of animated elements, like buttons, emojis, etc. that can bring life to your projects. With a MOGRT, you can import them into Premiere Pro and customize the elements using built in controllers...no searching for effects!

  3. An After Effects Look Without After Effects: MOGRTs are made in After Effects, so they can use all the cool effects that come with After Effects.

What can't I do with a MOGRT?

The only thing a MOGRT cannot do is animate your Photos or Logos. Since they are pre-made in After Effects, you cannot add media into them.

How is this different than stock motion graphics?

Stock motion graphics, which can be found here in the marketplace:

These are video files, in a variety of formats (.mp4, .mov, etc) that work in all video editors.  They cannot be edited without applying additional effects, but if you need a cool background or explosion, these are great options!

I hope this information has been helpful, and thank you for choosing Motion Array!

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