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How do I set up DNS for my portfolio?
How do I set up DNS for my portfolio?

If you own your own domain that you want to host your portfolio site on, it requires specific DNS settings. Here's how to set it up.

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Once you've selected to use your own domain, enter it here, and save your portfolio, there are three short steps left.

  1. Find your DNS settings controls. 

  2. Add the necessary DNS records.

  3. Secure your portfolio site.

Find your DNS settings controls

You can usually find your DNS settings controls on the same site where you bought your domain. 

Each domain provider's DNS settings page is a little different, but they all do the same thing. So look around for a menu item called DNS, DNS Zone, Advanced DNS, or something similar.

You could also try Googling for it using your domain provider's name. E.g. search for "how to manage DNS on Cloudflare", if your domain provider is Cloudflare. Otherwise replace "Cloudflare" with your domain provider's name.

Add the necessary DNS records

Once you're on your DNS settings page we need to make sure that you have an A record for your base domain (also called root domain) pointing to

To explain that a bit more, A DNS record has 4 parts. Again, different domain providers often have somewhat different labels for these parts.

  1. Type

  2. Name (Sometimes also labelled "host", "hostname", "subdomain", or "source")

  3. Value (Sometimes also labelled "content", "address", or "destination")

  4. TTL

We need a record where
Type = A (or A record)
Name = @
Value =
For TTL and any other possible fields you might see, you can just use the default values.

So if you already have an A record there with name '@', update its value to If there are any other records with name '@' delete them. E.g. there is sometimes a CNAME record. So, if that is there, delete it.

If you don't yet have an A record named '@', add it, and set its value to

Save your DNS settings. It will then take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours to propagate your new DNS settings. That is, before your domain name will be pointed to our servers at It's usually almost instant, but can sometimes take some time.

Here is an example screenshot of what a DNS settings page could look like when everything is filled in as we need it.

Please Note (if you would like to include "www." in your Portfolio URL):

By default, the above settings will only setup your Portfolio Custom Domain without the "www." prefix. If you would like to include the "www." prefix in your Portfolio custom domain URL, you can simply add the following record, in addition to the A record we already setup earlier:

Name: www

Type: A (or A record)

TTL: Default value


Secure your portfolio site

Once DNS is updated, go to your domain in your browser. There is a chance that you might get a security warning. To fix this just save your profile again here. This will install an SSL certificate for your site. Then go back to your domain and check that it loads. It will now show a lock icon and 'https' on the left side or your address bar.

That's it. You're done!

If you encounter any problems following these steps, please reach out to our support team, we're eager to help.

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