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How do I receive royalty payments?
How do I receive royalty payments?

Connect your payout method and we'll take care of the rest

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Once you have become an approved artist, an essential step needs to be taken - the connection of your payout method:

To submit your payout details, navigate to your Seller Profile and choose the relevant option. If you click Connect Payoneer, you will be redirected to Payoneer:

If you already have a Payoneer account, click on the first link - Already have a Payoneer Account? Sign In. You will need to enter your account credentials and follow further instructions on the screen. If you are new to Payoneer, you can choose between the payment options provided and click Sign Up. Once your account is active, your payout method will be ready for transfers. Please make sure that the connection is active both in your Motion Array and Payoneer accounts to avoid delays with payments.

If you'd like to connect your PayPal account, you need to add the email address of your wallet, confirm it and press Save Changes. Please make sure that the wallet is active and can receive funds.

If you'd like to connect your QIWI account, please add details exactly as shown in your QIWI profile. Name and last name can be in Cyrillic or Latin script but should match your wallet's details. The phone number should be specified in the following format: 79251234567

Please make sure that your wallet is active and its limits will allow you to receive funds. You can learn more about QIWI's limits here.

Important notes:

A payout is made once your earnings amount reaches $50.

All transfers are made on the 15th of the following month. If you add your payment method after the 1st of the month - your earnings will be accumulated and transferred in the next payout cycle.

If the payment method is changed after the 1st of the month - this month's earnings will be transferred to the previous payout method.

You can learn more about taxes withheld here.

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