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How Do I Download My Invoices?
How Do I Download My Invoices?

Learn how to find and download your invoices

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Invoices can take 3-5 hours to generate after purchase.

Finding and downloading invoices is easy. After logging onto your Motion Array account, simply go to My Account then Invoices. From there, you can select whichever invoice you need and click the download button.
If you'd like your invoice to include additional information such as you address and phone number, you can add this information under My Details.

Please Note: All information from My Details will be automatically populated in your future invoice downloads and not previous invoices. If you need a previous invoice modified, please contact our support team at, or from the chat bubble at the bottom-right hand corner of your screen, and provide the following information:

  • Company Name

  • Company Address

  • Company VAT/TAX Number

  • Any other company information of yours that your tax advisor requests

Team Plan Invoices:

You can download Team Plan invoices under the My Account top menu, then My Team Invoices when you're logged into your Team Plan admin account.
Please Note: Invoices take 3-5hrs to generate on your account.

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