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How Do I Extend The Duration Of A Template?

Learn how to extend the duration of a template or a section within a template

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So, you've just found the perfect template with all the right effects. But when you go to add it to your video, you realize it's too short. That it doesn't hold long enough for the time that you need. That somehow, you need to extend it so that it synchs-up perfectly with your shot.
Adjusting the duration of a template can be tricky. After Effects and Premiere Pro templates are mostly built using pre-comps or nested timelines which are great for making amazing animations and effects...but no-so-great when it comes to trying to extend or change their duration. Sometimes a single animation is using several timelines and simply adjusting one duration on one timeline isn't enough.ย 

Fortunately however, there is one way you can slow down some elements of your animation in Premiere Pro. And this video here, will show you how:

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